Safety Rules

Safety Rules


RC flying is an exhilarating, challenging and fun sport and hobby. Like all hobbies, certain safety practices

must be followed to minimize risk to participants, spectators and property. Our right to fly at our field is a

privilege that we have worked very hard to maintain. Violation of safety rules can be cause for loss of

membership and flying privileges. And one accident can ruin your whole day!


You will be given copies of these when you join, Please review these from time to time – we do get complacent.

 Pilot Stations

(Aug 6, 2010) New paving has been added for pilot stations. This is now a continuous paved strip to avoid

stumbling. Suggested pilot stations are painted, but you may fly from anywhere ON THE PILOT STATION PAVEMENT only.


Safety Rules:


Click here to read AMA Safety Code – updated annually (current version dated 2014)

Click here to read Club Safety Code and Field Rules


Click here to read AMA Membership Manual - you must read this - it has tons of stuff you DON'T KNOW!