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Float Fly July 8

 The Float Fly will be July 8, the Saturday before the meeting instead of after, due to other events at the park.

 This is not a public event, just as our field is not a public field. Members may invite a limited number of guests, who must have AMA card with them, and obey all club and event rules. We will be formalizing a check in and registration procedure to make sure everyone is compliant. 




Flight Experience for Bradoaks Fifth Graders




On June 8, Tom Traeger and Earle Levine gave hands on flight experience to Ms Sherman's 5th grade class at Bradoaks School in Monrovia. In the space of an hour, all the kids took turns on one of Tom's EasyStars. These are great for small field trainer flights. The kids were delighted and showed great promise. A DJI Phantom drone flight took some high level pictures and demonstrated multirotor technology and wrapped up with club balsa gliders. It was the last day of school, so the kids have something to remember for the summer.


These educational outreaches are winning on multiple levels. The kids get exposure to aviation and have fun, the club makes a positive impression on the school, parents and community, and, not least, it is fun and fullfing for the members participating. Please get on board for these events. A little effort gives big rewards.


3rd Southwest Vintage RC Festival July 29

Cedar City UT

Looking for a nice weekend outing? Cedar City RC Club is hosting the Third Annual Vintage RC Festival July 29. Cedar City is about 2.5 hours from Las Vegas so the trip can include other points of interest. (Note: site is 5800 feet altitude and typically 90° so extra aircraft power required)



Whittier Narrows Field Closed after 4PM

According to the San Gabriel Valley RC League web site, the Whittier Narrows flying field will be closed daily at 4:30pm until further notice by order of the parks department. No reason was given. Late afternoon flying there is problematic anyway as pilots face the setting sun.


 Maiden Flight for Gary Stevens

Solar Airplane May 29
Video below


"Memorial Day saw the successful maiden flight of the solar airplane. Thin clouds and a 9:30AM flight time precluded a "pure" solar powered flight. Despite this, the model's ability to fly was demonstrated, and instrumentation within the aircraft successfully recorded valuable data that will be used in future flights. I put about 2,500 hours into the analysis, design, testing, and construction of this contraption, so this was a very "Happy Day" for me! "


"This project started about 15 months ago with the idea of building an RC airplane that could sustain flight using only the electricity produced by solar cells in the wing. It will take time and many flights to fine tune this airplane and my piloting skills to see if  it can achieve the ultimate goal.

I want to give special thanks to the members of the Executive Club members of the SFDRCM who allowed me to "break the rules" and conduct the test flight from atop the berm. The extra altitude gave an important measure of safety in getting the plane up to flying speed."


"Thanks also to my "Pit & Launch Crew" and all of the club members that gave me permission to fly alone during this test flight. It was definitely "white knuckle" flying for 300 seconds, but knowing there were no other models in the airspace made it easier!"


 If any of you have photos or videos of the flight I'd like to get copies if possible.

" I started this project 15 months ago. I wanted to see if I could design and build a radio controlled airplane that could sustain flight using only the electricity produced by solar cells in its wings.

The maiden flight of the solar-electric plane will be on Memorial Day (Monday) at the SFDRCM flying field. Cameras are welcome. Hopefully you'll share your photos/videos with me."


Gary with 12 foot wing



Rattlesnake Alert

Hot weather and generous rain may increase the wildlife and rattlesnake population at our flying site. A small "rattler" was found hiding under one of the start up tables and relocated. Be cautious and observant. The snakes want less to do with us than we do with them. If seen, stay clear and alert others. Do not harm snakes or other wildlife, they were here first and will be here long after we are gone.

CLICK HERE for Ca Dept of Wildlife recommendations to be "snake safe"



Photos by Stacey Kunch


Thanks to ALL THE MEMBERS who showed up
and kept the air full of all kinds of aircraft and talked to our guests. Great show!

A giant thank you to Don Bangle for underwriting the
delicious BBQ LUNCH by Fuddruckers! We are officially spoiled.

Thanks to Danny Levin
for loan of a

PA system.

Although this was not a fund-raiser, we did get about $250 in donations toward the charities we support. Thank you Truly for charming the guests for the donations.


 Gogian fired up an taxied his turboprop PC-21 to the delight of all. It really wanted to fly and I don't think our field would be too small for it. Gogian says he plans a maiden flight
Saturday April 29 at Buttonwillow. Weather prediction is very positive. See video below of the taxi demo.




Gogian Yee to Maiden Turboprop PC-21

UPDATE 4/30: Successful flights April 29!

"I have wonderful news guys! The PC-21 flew like a dream and was a awesome sight to see it fly with the sights, smell and sounds of a turbine to top it off. Once I figured out the throttle response on the second flight she was easy to manage and landed her beautifully. Jared managed to capture 2/3rds of the second flight, so he will post it when its possible and I will send you-all the link. I got my fixed wing turbine waiver application signed, so the next step is to mail it in. YESSSS!!!!!!!????"



Recycle Your Batteries at the Home Depot


All rechargeable batteries contain toxic and recyclable

materials that do not belong in landfills (and legally should not be put in

the trash).


Be a good citizen and recycle your batteries at the Home Depot.

Best Buy has similar bins, and Good Will accepts E-Waste also.

Recycling batteries and cellphones is easy – just bag it, tie it and drop it! You can find the Call2Recycle collection kit at any Home Depot location, where you can place your battery into a provided plastic bag and drop it into our box.


Batteries We Accept: Rechargeable batteries can be found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptops, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, remote control toys and other portable electronics. Any rechargeable battery or cellphone that weighs up to 11 lbs. will be accepted.



New Rules Jan 1
This is in conformance with other
non-public field clubs.



Each flyer required to have a fire extinguisher in the pits

Fire Extinguisher 


Lipo bags or fireproof charging containers are recommended, however a formal rule has not been adopted.

  Lipo Safe




Lipo Safety 101 




Watch for updates




Telemaster 40 on floats.
Note fins on floats instead of sub-rudder fin on airplane.



Spektrum DX6i (and other Spektrum)
Down in the Setup List menu is an item for Power Setting. BE SURE it is set to
"B US 247". This gives you 200mW of power. The other settings for EU and France are 100mW. Enough of a difference to save your plane at the edge of reception.


Also, there is a way to check and calibrate your sticks. You won't
fly straight with sticks with improper centering or endpoint.

Follow this video for the simple step by step.


Lots of new Swap Shop Ads

If you haven't looked at the Swap Shop lately, check it out. Lots of new ads today - heli, EDF, gas, etc.


GATE UPDATE 05/31/17

The Duarte Road gate has been repaired by the Kiewit Gold Line contractor and the club. The "tank traps" however are back.
We are now observing a "first in opens, last out locks" policy with the Duarte Road gate. This seems to be working well and gives spectators and prospective new members better access to us.



Photo credit: Tom Traeger


Thanks to President Rich Rannis for spearheading the effort to install a gate on the northern entrance to our field. Since Gold Line Extension work began last year, the normal Duarte Road gate has not been locked, leading to increased trespass at our field, including graffiti and car and ATV tracks and burnouts. Hopefully the gate will reduce this significantly. The design of the gate is one side for club use with one club lock, and the larger side for other utility use with the usual multiple locks. Center post is removable when both gate are unlocked. Also thanks to Gary Stevens, Tom Treager and Wayne Brown for financial donations toward the project. And this should qualify for the AMA Field Improvement Fund award program.